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Tech Manitoba is on a mission to increase digital literacy and computer access in Manitoba. When people have access to computers and the fundamental skills to use them, they increase their education and employment opportunities, foster e-commerce, and participate in the digital world.

Tech Manitoba has programming to address these gaps. Meet Paula Canas, Program Manager, and Anthony, Program Coordinator — the force behind Tech Manitoba’s Digital Literacy initiative. Paula and Anthony work together, and with many partner organizations, to organize classes all across the province in a variety of subjects that range from Zoom 101 to Intro to Word.

By guest contributor, Amanda Emms

Tech Manitoba dove into the dark world of cybersecurity this spring for the May 20th Disrupted conference. Powered by RBC, the second Disrupted of Tech Manitoba’s three-part virtual series cracked open some of the most prevalent threats within our digital world.

Disrupted’s keynote speakers and fellow industry experts stacked the compelling half-day conference. And it turns out cybersecurity doesn’t have to be so ominous — although the horror stories can be fun. Because the most important preventive measures boil down to awareness — both in your professional and personal life. …

The Implications of Connectivity for Equity and Education

Tech Manitoba is pleased to release the phase one report on the status of connectivity in the Province of Manitoba and its implications on education and quality of life. This report is intended to provide a baseline as to the current state of affairs and to pave the way for more detailed research.

This study explores the “digital divide” between urban regions with high-level broadband access and rural and remote regions with poor or no access. …

Attending Disrupted in 2021. By guest contributor, Amanda Emms

Last year’s Disrupted marked our shift toward a post COVID-19 world — even if we didn’t know it yet. As we roll into Tech Manitoba’s sixth year of leading conferences we’ve adjusted to connecting virtually. It’s not the same, but if anyone can deliver an online event to unite and inspire our tech community — it’s the Tech Manitoba team.

To align with the times, Tech Manitoba went digital and split Disrupted 2021 into a three-part series. Powered by RBC, this year’s first session took Thursday, February 25 and focused on

It’s that time of year where we shake the cobwebs, open those windows that have been frozen shut all winter, tackle the dust bunnies that have congregated under the couch and put away the winter gear — not too far, who are we kidding we live in Canada and the weather is sometimes more unpredictable than a goose.

Just like in our homes, we also need to do regular cleanups in our digital worlds, like cleaning out the junk box in your email or deleting that old email address that you made when you were a kid (ahem ….I…

March 22, 2020, For Immediate Release: After a year like no other, the Tech Manitoba Board of Directors is pleased to introduce Kelly Fournel as Tech Manitoba’s Permanent CEO. Fournel will be taking over for Kay Gardiner who served as Interim CEO over this past year providing to the organization with stability, guidance and strong leadership.

“We were searching for a permanent CEO and are thrilled to welcome Kelly to the role.” Says Sandra Foster, Chair, Tech Manitoba Board of Directors and Managing Partner, Capstone Ridge Group. “We are thankful to Kay Gardiner for her inspiration, leadership and commitment to…

Tech Manitoba is a champion for equity in the tech sector and for over a decade has been on a journey to support our members tackle barriers to create more inclusive workplaces. Manitoba’s tech community is packed with passionate members focused on issues like closing the gender gap, advancing women in leadership roles and shifting towards more inclusive hiring practices.

Over the past few years, we have had so much active community engagement through participation in events, roundtable and panel discussions. Through research and collaboration with members and greater community, we uncovered a common thread among many organizations. …

Manitoba Government Proclaims Feb. 22–28 Tech Week

Tech Manitoba and New Media Manitoba, in collaboration with other partners and organizations are pleased that the Province of Manitoba has proclaimed the week of February 22–28, 2021 as Tech Week.

“The Manitoba government recognizes the critical role that information and communication technology has played in our province and across the world, particularly during these challenging times. …

What you need to know about #Disrupted ’s virtual round-tables + networking.

Your Guide to Coffee with Strangers

Coffee with Strangers is a great way to make new connections and expand your network, but more than a networking opportunity, it is a place to engage in thought provoking conversation, learn from peers and leaders in tech, and share your perspectives on a variety of trends, issues and hot topics.

You CAN sit with us

While we can’t meet in person for this year’s Coffee with Strangers, we have the next best thing — Remo. The Remo floor plan visualizes interactive tables and chairs, so you can sit with us. Each participant…

The COVID-19 pandemic has put many Tech Manitoba members (along with almost everyone in the world) in a difficult position. With the public in lockdown and traditional advertising largely unavailable, connecting with your customers requires a new approach.

This is not the time to scale back on marketing–out of sight still means out of mind–but taking this time to consider how and where you’re focusing efforts will pay dividends in the long run.

One of the best ways our members can connect with audiences during this uncertain time is through content marketing. It’s cost-effective, flexible, and thrives in our current…

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